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Club Dates for 2014


Sunday 15th February 10:00am AGM 12:00pm 25DB, 25Pts CC, 25 H/Cap, 25 Cont.


Sunday 8th March 12:00pm 25DB, 25 SB CC,20 Pr DR, 25 ISSF Trap.


Sunday 12th April 12:00pm 25DB,25Pts,5Pr DR, 20 Pr DRCC 


Sunday 3rd May 12:00pm 25Skt, 25Skt CC, 50DB


Sunday 7th June 12:00pm 25DB, 25 Pts, 25 H/Cap,  25 H/Cap CC Sunday 28th June 12:00pm 25DB 25SB 25CONT 25 ISSF Trap Pts/font>


Sunday   12th July 12:00pm 100 DB 3rd and 4th RND CC

Saturday 18th July 1:00pm ISSF Trap State Qualifier (Double Trap)

Sunday 19th July 10:00am ISSF State Qualifier Trap and Skeet

Sunday 20th July 12:00pm 100 DB (3rd and 4th Round CC)


CMT 2.5 Day Carnival

Friday 7th August 2:00pm

Saturday 9th August 8:30am

Sunday 10th August 8:30 am

Saturday 22nd August Zone Shoot 50 DB 50 Pts


Saturday 12th September 10:00am ISSF  Trap 100 State Qualifier

Sunday 13th September 10:00am ISSF  Trap and Skeet 100 State Qualifier

Sunday 20th Sepetember 12:00pm 25DB, 25SB, 25Pts,15 pr DR.


Friday 9th October 9:30am WACTA ISSF State Title Double Trap Saturday 10th 9:00am WACTA ISSF State Title Trap and Skeet Sunday 11th 9:00am WACTA ISSF State Title Trap and Skeet Saturday 24th October 12:00pm 25DB, 25 Cont, 25 Cont CC, 25 ISSF CC. 


Sunday 29th November 12:00pm Champion of Champions


Saturday 12th December 12:00pm Closing shoot with Northam @ NORTHAM